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6 reasons why you should crowdfund with HelpingB

1We are the world's first crowdfunding platform for young social entrepreneurs. HelpingB strives to help changemakers bring their ideas to life.

We will help you validate your idea, build demand, create relationships and raise funds through dedicated support.
2We believe that young social entrepreneurs are system changers, if something is not working, they fix it. We are giving you the opportunity to lead and make your social venture a reality.
3Due to our selected niche, we only attract supporters that believe in the power of a creative power of young entrepreneurs - a community you will not find on any other crowdfunding platform.
4You feel good, the community feels good, we feel good!
5Not only do you leave with financing for your project, but you get to take away followers of your ideas who will support you through your next steps.
6You get to share and inspire other young individuals with your awesome story!


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